Precision Turf Management (originally named "Beach Lawn & Irrigation") has been serving the grounds care and irrigation needs of businesses and residents of Northwest Ohio since 1980. The company was founded by Rick Beach, a lifelong resident of Hancock County. PTM has many varied work experiences to it’s credit.

  • Grounds care for large residential, commercial and industrial sites for 20+ years
  • Grounds care services to the oil transportation facilities in this area for 20+ years
  • Complete grounds care for an 18 hole private golf course for 12 years
  • Grow in services for a golf course as it was being built in Hancock County
  • Irrigation installation and service for home owners, athletic fields, commercial sites for 20+ years

PTM Company Philosophy

Our Customers
We think the best way to approach our work is to be focused on our customers needs first. The drive to get new customers has never overridden our desire to see our current customers satisfied. We’ve worked hard to make sure we do our best to maintain the quality of our work. If that fails we have nothing to offer. We have, at times, lost in the bidding process to those who see places to cut corners. We won’t do that – we would rather settle for less work than compromise our quality.

Our Associates
We know that the associates we employ need to see the big picture. We involve them in our decision making as much as possible as we want them to have a stake delivering results for our customers. When they participate in our process – they are able to continually evaluate our improvements. We also train our full time associates in the same management skills used in Fortune 500 companies. We know their skills in working with our customers and each other make all the difference in maintaining our productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Strength
The core PTM staff has been working together for an average of 10+ years. We value loyalty, skills, integrity, and consistent performance. We achieve our goals because we know what to expect from each other and can anticipate how our customers will be cared for.