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Precision Turf Management has been installing and servicing irrigation systems since 1980. When PTM quality workmanship is combined with Toro brand components, the result is excellence in irrigation.

Our staff has over more than 50 years experience, enabling us to bring you the finest in irrigation design and installation. Full overlapping, head to head coverage is our design standard so our customers enjoy uniform water distribution. We preassemble our valve banks offsite, in order to insure tight assemblies and ease of service for the future. Our heads are mounted on four pieces swing joints to insure proper head support and adjustment. With PTM you get the finest products, designs that zero in on your needs and the personal care of our experienced staff.

Take the tour below to see how PTM quality works for you.

Residential and Small Commercial Irrigation

We’re aware that when people have irrigation installed for their lawn and landscape – they want green and healthy plants. We’re also aware that landscape plants are often killed with two much water.

The key is being able to control the timing and amount of water that each part of the landscape receives. That’s where the careful planning we do at PTM comes into play. We take time to discover your requirements, your plans for future landscape changes and your budget – then we design the system that gives you the control you want.

We’re proud to offer Toro Components. The benefits of Toro quality has been enjoyed by customers across the nation for nearly 100 years.

PTM Installation means low impact on existing turf. Using our high floatation vibratory plow for installation of pipe, we are able to complete our installation with a minimum of damage to existing turf. The cut made by the plow is generally healed over in 2 to 4 weeks. In bare ground applications the plowing method works better as it allows us to avoid digging trenches that may settle in the future.

We drill under the walk and drives as needed access closed areas. This method saves times and causes minimal disruption.

Installation of sprinkler heads is done with minimal digging. A four piece swing joint is used under each head for support as well as adjustment.

Valve manifolds are preassembled off site to insure tight assemblies and ease of service for the future quality and save time on the job. On residential and light commercial systems we use the Toro E-Z Flow valves.

Our controllers are equipped with a host of features that will provide the control and flexibility you need. The Toro GK 212 controller features three programs, with up to four start times per day per program. Zone run times allow for as little as 1 minute, up to 4 hours. A rain delay settings prevent water waste. The seasonal adjust feature gives you the option of adjusting all zone run times at once, on a percentage basis. The list goes on.

Many of our customers ask us to install at rain sensor to shut the system down in the event of rain. We have a wireless model that can be installed at the eve spout in a matter of minutes. No wires to fasten to the house – just dependable wireless control.

To achieve accurate control of water applied to landscape plants we use Netafim brand drip irrigation components in most situations. While the Netafim name might not be familiar in the US – However Netafim irrigation systems irrigate more than 6 million arces world wide. Their in line pressure compensating emitters deliver precise water volumes to plants regardless of elevation or position in the zone.

Another option for landscape plants and flowers is high pop fixed spray heads. The Toro 570 accepts dozens of different nozzles so covering odd shaped areas is handled with ease.

When PTM systems are finished, the owner can sit back and relax. The watering gets done when and how they wish.

Athletic Field Systems

If you are considering athletic field irrigation – be sure to check out the Toro 640 sprinkler head. The 640 has proven dependable under constant use on many of our installations of the last 20 years. We’re aware of 640s still going strong after nearly 30 years of service. When the 640 head is used in combination with the Toro Custom Command controller and Toro 252 valves, you have a cost effective and dependable system.

Toro provides the quality components – PTM provides the attention to detail needed to deliver a great running system, giving you years of trouble free service. Call us today for free consultation, even if your project is in the early planning stages, we would be glad to meet with you to assist in any way we can.

Irrigation Service

Whatever your level of need is – we’ve got you covered.

First, if you want to maintain your own system – we give you free advice by phone to help you in that process. On the other hand, many of our customers want us to start their system in the spring and blow it out in the fall as well as make adjustments during the growing season. Whatever your preference, we want to make sure you get the services you need as well as keep maintenancem cost to a minimum.

Here’s a service items list for typical size residential and small commercial systems:

Spring start up (includes up to 1.5 hours labor – materials extra) $77.50
Hourly service call (first hour is $60.00, then additional time is billed at $48.00 per hour) $60.00
Fall winterization $77.50

Findlay water meters

The city of Findlay has made provisions for you to authorize PTM, as your agent, to order
your meter to be put in for the spring and removed in the fall. This saves you the time and
trouble of making that contract each spring and fall.